Oakenshield is yet another Melodic and Pagan metal band from England, currently active promoting their new material, a debut album entitled Gylfaginning. They have had released a few other releases under the name of Nifelhel.

The whole story of the album is about the creation and destruction of Mother Earth according to the Nordic mythology. Actually the whole concept is Nordic or Viking so to speak and the music in general reminds me of other similar Epic and Melodic Viking bands as Týr, Bathory, Amon Amarth etc. The lyrics are well written and despite of the fact that I’m fed up by all up-coming Viking bands, I think this one is above the average. The CD runs at modest pace keeping the whole thing very melodic and catchy. There’re huge Folk influences to be heard as well as some black metal style rasping and raging deep vocals. Apart from vocals, the drums are the most dominant throughout the whole release which have obviously been crated on a computer. Like the drums, so does the music lack some of variety but maybe it will come with future releases. Production wise and judging the cover artwork I think it is well executed piece of Viking Metal and I think that Ben Corkhill, brain behind this band, sure has the reason to be proud of his first ‘child’ called Gylfaginning.