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The story of Oakenshield goes back to 2004, when Ben Corkhill began writing music under the banner of Nifelhel, releasing two self-produced CDs. In 2007, a name change and new approach to songwriting breathed new life into the project, and before long the demo for what would become the debut album was sent around Europe and across the internet. In July of that year, Oakenshield officially signed up to German label Einheit Produktionen, and the debut album Gylfaginning was released in June 2008 to widespread critical acclaim.

Oakenshield's second effort, entitled Legacy, has been brewing for three years and is finally set to be released in February 2012. Over these years, Oakenshield has continued to harness and develop its own distinct sound, embracing darker influences from black and doom metal as well as folk-rock and traditional music to produce a unique take on the genre.